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This natural gem can shield and strengthen and is believed to promote emotional security and faithfulness. Natural Agate is also known for bringing out one's natural skills and talents as well as balance sexual energy, improve eyesight, circulation and indigestion issues.


Amazonite is a calming stone. It helps soothe stress and nervousness. It is known for balancing out anger, calming irrationality and eases troubled thoughts. It can assist in blocking negative influences, increase self-esteem and self-care. It is good for the heart and establishing healthy relationships. Amazonite can also encourage creativity and provide balance in both work and home environments.

Physical qualities include aiding in cell regeneration, faster healing after illness, relief for muscle spasms and treating issues relating to the throat, thyroid glands and nervous system. Along with all this Amazonite can assist with sexual dysfunctions such as lack of drive, obsession, impotence and more.


Amber is one of the oldest and most sought after "organic" gems in the world. It is technically made up of resin that has been fossilised from trees that lived many moons ago.

Amber is an excellent gem for mental health. It provides comfort and calming waves to those who suffer from depression, anxiety, addictions and seasonal affective disorder. It encourages patience, restores balance to a chaotic life and stabilises relationships. Amber is also a powerful protection stone for the home, so is great to keep by doorways.

Physically Amber can assist with drawing out pain and disease from the body, stimulate the immune system and aid with sluggish digestion. Amber can spark sexual desire and is also a great treasure for those struggling with fertility issues.


Amethyst is a universal crystal, an all healer, it helps amplify the energy of other crystals around it. It is great for protection and can help reduce nightmares and insomnia if kept under a pillow or by the bed. Amethyst can also assist with homesickness, mental, emotional and physical balance, decision making and negotiation. Amethyst helps lift the spirit and boosts self-esteem while calming anxiety, grief, tension and over emotional energies.

Amethyst can assist with addictions such as alcoholism and aid those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is known to help with bad posture, circulation, skin, teeth, viral infections and boost hormone production.


Ametrine is a naturally occurring crystal that encompasses both Amethyst and Citrine. This powerful combination embodies the best of both stones, amplifying their qualities. Benefits include a boost in creativity, spiritual and mental clarity, inner peace, harmony and focus enhancement.

Ametrine can also be useful when battling addiction by assisting with letting go of bad habits and compulsions. It is also believed that this combination can help dispel anxiety, depression and stress.


Ammonites were ancient marine creatures, part of the Cephalopod family. Fossils are all about growth and undergoing changes and Ammonites are no exception. They can help bring insight and new perspectives, keep us grounded, and provide direction and protection. Ammonites are a great tool to use when wanting to access past lives, they are believed to hold ancient knowledge and can help one reach deep states of serene energy when used in meditation.

Ammonites lived in our oceans between 240 million - 65 million years ago. After surviving through many periods of time, they became extinct at the same time the dinosaurs did.


Anandalite is a high vibrational crystal apart of the Quartz family. Anandalite is considered one of the ultimate healers of the crystal world and is often used to reach a state of bliss and tranquility. Anandalite brings about a calmness that is unmatched by any other crystal, the true healer of the heart.


Angelite is a stone of communication. It inspires one who normally holds back to say what they think. Like its name suggests, it is also believed to help one channel their angels and spirit guides as well as offering psychic protection to those who need it. Angelite is particularly helpful when dealing with the grieving process and the anger that comes along with it.

Physically Angelite can assist with infections and abdominal problems.


Apophyllite is the number one crystal for intuition. It enhances the senses and sharpens the mind by sending out signals you can trust. It is a very useful stone for spiritual work and meditation and is believed to bring us closer to our Spirit Guides.

When placed in a room, Apophyllite is known to diffuse the negative energy within and reduce stressful environments. It can also help with lethargy by sparking enthusiasm and excitement. Plan your future confidently when this stone is around and learn to live life to the fullest.

Physically Apophyllite can assist with Asthma and other respiratory issues, allergies and vision problems.


Adorned with mesmerising flashes, Arfvedsonite is believed to be a highly uplifting crystal with strong vibrations. It is a crystal of manifestation, spiritual growth, and powerful positive change. Use Arfvesdonite when wanting to release blockages within yourself and to work on the inner you, eventually, after working with this crystal for some time, you will be ready to take on the challenges around you and turn negatives into joy.


Astrophyllite is a powerful healing stone with potent energy. It promotes transparency, honesty and self knowledge. It is also believed to help the bonds between relationships. Astrophyllite is also known for its psychic protection abilities.


Atlantisite is known for boosting shine and success, it is a wonderful stone to help with overcoming insecurities and offers wisdom and knowledge beyond the realms. It can also aid with emotional healing as well as physical healing.

(Quartz bonded with 24 karat gold)

Although not a "naturally" occurring colour, Aqua Aura Quartz possesses potent healing energy. This transformation only enhances the crystal and allows it to positively amplify the things around it.  Aqua Aura Quartz has a relaxing effect on the body. It stimulates communication and allows one to speak openly and honestly. It is believed that this quartz can give you the courage to see the truth in yourself and awakens your potential.

Aqua Aura Quartz is a highly protective stone, combine that with its powerful vibes, it activates all the chakras and aids spiritual growth. It is a perfect stone for those embarking on a metaphysical journey.


Aquamarine is a calming, compassionate and spiritual stone. It reduces judgement and mood swings and is particularly helpful at soothing those with bad tempers. This quality extends out to toddler and teenage tantrums. Aquamarine encourages truth, communication, tolerance and courage.

Physically Aquamarine enhances eyesight, reduces panic attacks, aids the kidneys, relieves swollen glands and is useful when trying to keep cool in summer.


Azurite is useful for detoxification and releasing negative energy. It is believed to be an aid for those who may need assistance with gaining and maintaining independence and is believed to bring about prosperity and enhance concentration. It is also a comfort and friend for those who live alone.


Black Kyanite is known to help lift negative energy and thoughts. It can help with panic and anxiety and enable one with the ability to let go of things out of their control. Black Kyanite may be useful for pain relief and reducing blood pressure.


Called the wizard stone, Black Obsidian has many magical associations. Black Obsidian assists with pain relief and can improve circulation. It can also aid with healing after emotional trauma. Black obsidian is also known as a protective stone for the home and may work as a spiritual shield against night terrors.

Black obsidian helps with releasing blocked grief and can help when recovering from shock.


Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone, it has an electric energy that can assist with many things. It is particularly helpful for easing anxiety, phobias, feelings of worthlessness, paranoia, obsessive behaviours, substance abuse, and self-harm tendencies. It is powerful at providing balance and harmony to one's spirit. It provides a positive attitude to difficult situations and can relieve stress and tension brought on by everyday life.

Physically, Black Tourmaline can bring pain relief to scar tissue, muscle tears, numbness, colon issues and spinal pain as well as strengthen a weakened immune system. It is believed to improve hand/eye coordination which may help those with dyslexia. Black Tourmaline is also useful for cleansing heavy metal toxins from both within and outside of the body.


Bloodstone (Heliotrope) is a powerful grounding stone. It provides strength and courage as well as emotional support to those who find themselves abandoned or on the outer. It can lift confusion and help with decision making. Bloodstone can also enhance feelings of self-worth and confidence. Bloodstone is well known for easing the process of childbirth and is said to be an ally for women during child rearing years.

Physical qualities include aiding with overall heart health, anaemia, blood flow/ blood clotting issues and iron deficiency. It can also assist with regulating menstrual blood flow and ease joint and hip pain.


Blue Calcite is believed to ease anxiety and nervousness. This stone creates awareness of when you are pushing yourself too far and encourages rest and relaxation. Blue Calcite is also great as a protection stone, working to ward your house against intruders. It is also associated with helping memory and boosting confidence.

It is a helpful crystal for calming headaches, skin rashes and high blood pressure. Blue Calcite can soothe infants when suffering from teething pain and colic.


Blue Fluorite, like other blue stones, is soothing and calming. It is a wonderful stone for mental, physical and spiritual balance and is known for its purifying abilities. Blue Fluorite is believed to aid one to think rationally and freely express thoughts and feelings. Use Blue Fluorite during manifestation and meditation to help develop, awaken and strengthen.


Blue Kyanite is a stone of perseverance and reasoning. It aids communication, mental stamina and promotes loyalty. Blue Kyanite is also useful for repairing damaged relationships by encouraging patience and promoting forgiveness. This unique crystal reminds us to be compassionate, let go of the past and free ourselves from guilt.

It is believed to break destructive behaviour patterns, get back on track and is particularly useful for helping children integrate more fluidly in school and social environments.


Blue Lace Agate encourages love by releasing bitterness and anger. It stimulates clear thinking, eases indecisiveness and brings one back down to Earth. Blue Lace Agate brings about courage and is believed to be useful when it comes to healing from trauma. This beautiful stone will help you to speak your truth confidently and inspire self-acceptance.

Physically, this agate is believed to soothe tension headaches, arthritis, and fevers as well as sore throats and glands (in turn, useful for thyroid related issues). Blue Lace Agate may also assist with mental clarity and concentration.


Blue Obsidian is a stone of protection and grounding. It is believed to be helpful when travelling, providing one with awareness and intuition. It can also stimulate creativity, communication and psychic development.

Physically it can assist with sinus issues, mental confusion and psychosis.


Blue Aventurine is a stone known for "breaking bad habits". From addictions to negative personality traits, it helps assist in taking responsibility for one's life. It is also an excellent stone for travel, offering protection and smooth sailing.

Physical qualities include assisting with migraines, headaches and stiffness. It is also believed to help relieve symptoms that come along with common colds, allergies, coughs etc. Blue Aventurine can also help calm hyperactivity, insomnia, enhance concentration and ease morning sickness.


This type of Agate is a healer of the down and out. It is believed to encourage one to seek treatment for illnesses, it is a great comfort to those who are grieving and it is a companion for those who suffer from bouts of depression.

Botswana Agate also promotes freedom of sexuality, sensuality and may bring out one's artistic and creative talents.


Caribbean Calcite is a combination of a beautiful tropical Blue Calcite and varying shades of Aragonite. Not only is it named this after its picturesque sea meets sand layering. It also instills feelings of serenity and peace that pools over the entire mind and body of anyone who uses this stone. It is a fantastic meditation tool and is believed to also unlock dreams and aid in travelling beyond the realms.


Carnelian is another "feel better" stone. It can boost self esteem, courage and vitality. It is also a highly spiritual stone, good for meditation and connecting to one's inner spirit and desires. Carnelian can soothe rage and jealousy and ease sorrow and fears. Carnelian also inspires creativity and helps with productivity. It is especially good for those who are prone to laziness or suffer with lethargy.


Celestite is a stone of high vibration, commonly associated with angels, it can bring you into a higher state of being. Celestite invokes the hope of tomorrow and inspires a healthy perspective on life. Celestite has a gentle way of pushing us to reach for the stars and go after our dreams.

Celestite is believed to assist with the relief of thyroid, eye, ear, throat, mouth disorders caused by or made worse by stress. It is good for aiding in the reduction of anxiety, fear of public speaking, fear of travel and general nervousness.

Carry or wear in any situation where you may feel fear or intimidation.


Pink Chalcedony is a stone of empathy, growth, luck and understanding. Keep Pink Chalcedony around to help heal wounds from the past, strengthen relationships, inspire courage and increase self-confidence.


Chevron Amethyst or Dream Amethyst is full of harmonising energy. It is useful for balancing out extreme emotions and is a wonderful and powerful crystal for enhancing psychic abilities. Chevron Amethyst also has protective energy, helps with detoxing, ease headaches, tension and blockages.


Chytha is a mixture of Serpentine and Jade. It is a powerful, lively stone that inspires confidence and eliminates negative energies. Chytha is believed to evoke spontaneity and adventure and gives one a boost to go after their dreams. This stone is also good for igniting empathy and intuition as well as ease anxiety and nervousness.


Citrine is a stone of abundance and good fortune. It attracts prosperity, success and generosity, particularly in a financial light. Citrine is also a stone of love and happiness. It helps bring harmony and cohesion to relationships and acts as protector against jealousy and heartache. Citrine can be particularly helpful with easing depression, fears and negative energies. It allows new opportunities to arise and opens the path to healing.

Physically, Citrine can assist with chronic fatigue, thyroid imbalances, memory loss, kidney and bladder infections and symptoms of menopause. It is also believed to positively enhance skin, hair and nail health.


Clear Quartz is a master healer and can be used for about anything and everything. It enhances the energy of other stones around it so is a must-have in any crystal collection. Known for harnessing positive energy, this crystal also increases awareness, supports memory retention, patience, perseverance and clarity. Clear Quartz is believed to assist in dream recall and aid in understanding one's dreams. Maybe most importantly, Clear Quartz can inspire one to open up and fall back in love with life.

Physically, Clear Quartz can especially bring healing energy to the immune and circulatory systems as well as ease vertigo, motion sickness, headaches and exhaustion. It is also believed to assist with weight loss.


Crazy Lace Agate or Happy Lace is a stone of laughter, dancing and joy. Crazy lace absorbs emotional pain, uplifts the mind and increases self-esteem. It encourages the will to start over, speak one's truth and develop self-acceptance.

Crazy Lace can also assist in overcoming negativity, bitterness and heartbreak. It is a stone of support and balances out emotional disharmony allowing love in.

Crazy Lace is known to be beneficial for skin disorders, varicose veins, digestive issues and sleep walking troubles.


Creedite also known as a Prismatic Crystal or Stone of the Light is a deeply spiritual mineral that is considered by all as the Guardian of Spiritual Health. Creedite is said to be the ultimate meditation crystal and can be used to instantly reach a meditative state.

Creedite is gentle but potent when activated, it can increase visualisation, awareness, europhia and one's connection to all forms, including past lives. It can assist those who are ruled by their emotions and strengthen initiative.


Chrysocolla is known as a "feel better" stone. It is said to open up communication and allow the expression of feelings to flow. It is believed to ease menstrual pain, stimulate female sexuality, soothe labour pains and assist with foetal health. Chrysocolla is also great for inspiring creativity, banishing phobias, easing guilt and stress and most of all mending broken hearts.

Physically Chrysocolla may aid with thyroid dysfunction, sugar levels, metabolic health, digestion and rheumatism.


Chrysoprase is a mental wellness stone. It is believed to mend the heartache brought on by betrayal and encourage forgiveness and acceptance. It is a burst of relief for those who suffer with anxiety, depression and neurotic behaviour, allowing one to feel more at ease and stress free. Chrysoprase may also assist with fertility and is believed to detoxify internal and external spaces. It is also a excellent stone for meditation.


Dendritic Opal is a naturally occurring stone adorned with beautiful fern like patterns that encompasses the qualities of luck, hope and spirituality. It is believed to enhance intuition, increase mental strength and provide motivation in creative endeavours.

Use Dendritic Opal when working on your true self to help with decision making and to break new ground.


Dragons Stone is an energetically powerful stone. It is believed to intensify other stones it is near and increase their healing properties. Dragons Stone may reduce impatience, sadness and closed mindedness. Mostly, it is believed to help increase personal power and perception.


This whimsical stone provides one with the confidence and courage to seek new adventures. This Quartz can assist those who have suffered from strokes and other brain ailments and is also said to heal damaged nerves and tissue. Elestial Smoky Quartz is a whole body healer, it is believed to help those who suffer from Schizophrenia and can also reduce the damage caused by drug use.


Epidote Quartz brings about action, hope and prosperity. It is a comfort stone for those who find themselves at the end of a long relationship which ended on unwanted terms. Epidote Quartz is a natural protector against negative vibrations and is an aid when wanting to travel through dreams and past lives. It can also be useful when healing from sudden loss or separation.

Physically Epidote Quartz may be helpful when it comes to obesity, recurring viruses, kidney stones and fluid retention.


Fire Agate is a stone of confidence, desire and courage, Full of vitality and energy, it is a great stone to use to concur exhaustion and fatigue. Fire Agate is also believed to help shy and timid souls come out to play as well as stand up for themselves.

Physically Fire Agate may assist with circulation, metabolic issues, fevers and hot flushes.


Fuchsite brings the playfulness and joy back into life by igniting our inner child. Nicknamed the Fairy Stone, this naturally sparkly crystal promotes harmony, restores balance and sends out a bit of magic just by being nearby.

It is an excellent stone for children in social aspects, encouraging them to join in and have fun. Physically it can also aid eczema sufferers, skin allergies, rashes, inflammation, sleep disturbances and snoring.


Garnet is a stone bursting with power. It helps with wounds, childbirth, fertility and libido. It can assist with bereavement and protect one from emotional vampires (draining people). Garnet is also believed to help connect with our higher sense of being.


Golden Healer is well known as a master, multi healer, that is believed to have one of the highest vibrations of all crystals. This high vibration is believed to allow for distance communication, spiritual or otherwise. Golden Healer is gentle and soothing, it promotes joy and peace and is known as a stone of success when it comes to business ventures.

Golden Healer encourages stability and integrity within relationships, inspires and fills one with the desire for life and is also useful for easing tension. Golden Healer can stimulate the immune system and heal the body on all levels. It can assist in recovery for all disorders and ailments.


Dubbed as the "Stone of Opportunity", Green Aventurine is full of lucky vibes, especially with financial matters. Green Aventurine is also connected to the Earth and our Heart Chakra making it a wonderful healer and friend. Use this kind of Aventurine when going through hard times for supportive, soothing energy and to gain a renewed, positive outlook on life.


Green Fluorite neutralises negative energy and cleanses all the chakras. This Fluorite is said to free emotions, especially blocked grief that may be deeply buried. A special part about Green Fluorite is that if placed in the garden it will attract butterflies.


Green Jasper is all about the heart and is believed to enable emotional stability and restore peace and harmony to one's life. Use Green Jasper to release blockages, improve control and learn break the pattern of irrational behaviour.

Keep Green Jasper close by when fighting a common cough or cold to help speed up the healing process.


Hawk's Eye (also known as Blue Tiger's Eye) is believed to be a useful Shamanic stone, it is said to enhance spiritual abilities such as Past Life Communication, Astral Travelling and Distant Readings. Hawk's Eye may also assist with blocking out dark energy as well as reduce tension and anxiety.

Naturally infused with Hematite, Hematoid Quartz is a highly grounding stone that is only amplified further by the surrounding Quartz. Use Hematoid Quartz to cleanse and balance your mind, body and soul. Hematoid Quartz may also be an aid for those who lack focus and concentration and may assist with problem solving.


Hematite is a stone of courage, strength and love. It is believed to help ease irrational obsessions, can calm motion sickness and the fear of flying. It is a useful aid at reducing blood loss from wounds, childbirth and menstruation and assist with blood clots. Hematite can increase energy levels and soothe fears of insects.

Please note: Hematite has a small magnetic charge so is best to avoid if you have a pacemaker.


Along with being incredibly beautiful, Heulandite is a stone of high vibration. It can bring balance to both sides of the brain, promoting yin and yang. Heulandite is a highly spiritual crystal, it allows one to discover past lives, provoke thought, assist with psychic abilities, lucid dreaming and spiritual awakenings. Above all it is a very gentle and uplifting stone.


Honey Calcite manifests confidence, strength and self-love. This stone promotes courage and leadership and makes harnessing new abilities easier. Honey Calcite is also believed to assist with overcoming personal difficulties especially ones involving transition.


Howlite is a calming stone, known for reducing stress and anxiety, it is also helpful for children who have sleep troubles, providing them with soothing comfort. It can promote thoughtfulness and consideration by reducing anger and selfishness.

Howlite is believed to bring inner peace and harmony to all aspects of life and strengthens one's ability to communicate freely. This stone is also believed to be useful as a mood stabiliser, increase learning abilities and help those who suffer with ADHD.


Hypersthene belongs to the Bronzite family, it is a stone of free feeling and thinking. It may allow one to come out of their shy shell and strive for greatness, especially in a workplace environment. Hypersthene may also assist with increasing one's psychic abilities and talents and also welcomes the expression of affection and emotion.
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