About Us - Meet the Creators

Est. April 2018

Sourced from the Stars is small two-team business located on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula owned by an Aquarian and Piscean. For now we operate as an online only business but are working hard on our dreams and have plans to grow beyond this. 

We have had a passion for healing crystals and all things magickal for a long time now and find ways to incorporate these special tools into our daily lives. We hope you are able to get the same benefit out of them as we do.

Our favourite part of this little business is creating and designing our handmade timber shelves or "crystal homes" for all your treasures. We ship these items Australia wide and have a lot of fun coming up with new designs.

Please be patient while our range expands, we are growing more each and every day.

Thank you so much for your support!

Alannah & Grant

Alannah (Lana)
Founder, crystal sourcer (and hoarder), maker of botanical goodies, candles, melts and treasure kits!

Maker of all our shelves, boxes, display boards and our tech guy!

ABN: 94 952 806 563