Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

Total donated since Feb 2019:
$1004.41 AUD / ฿ 24002.04 THB

Aside from being incredibly smart and a little bit cheeky, Elephants are deeply empathetic creatures. They have close bonds to their family members and experience loss and mourning like we humans do.

The Asian Elephant is an endangered species, less than 40,000 remain in the world today, and a considerable portion of that amount are held captive. They are used for tourist entertainment in places like Thailand, Bali and India.

Many tourists are uneducated, as was I, when visiting these locations. I desperately wanted to see some elephants, being my favourite animal, but was sure to ask for an "ethical" company to do a day tour with. Satisfied with the brief information I was given, I misguidedly rode a beautiful elephant named Noina that day.

What I didn't know until after I had returned home was that elephant riding is a cruel and unethical practice. Babies are taken from their mothers and “broken” in, this involves horrible training methods and continuous physical and psychological trauma. Once trained, they are often worked to the point of exhaustion in these places as the demand for Elephant riding is high. Not to mention the critical and painful damage to their backs and spines caused by years and years of unnatural weight bearing.
Even though where I went the elephants looked happy, if it involves riding and performing, the place is not a Sanctuary for these gentle giants.

I've selected to donate a % of our profits each month to BLES. A reputable Asian Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. With over 600 acres of forest filled land, it’s home to almost 30 rescued elephants who have experienced years of truama and abuse during their time as performance animals. BLES also extends their support to animals and people in need within their local community.

To make an individual donation, meet the elephants or check out what other ways you can show your support please visit

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