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Iolite also known as Water Sapphire is a stone of organisation and balance. It can help in chaotic situations and bring about calmness and order. Iolite may also help with living in the moment. It may assist with nightmares and restless sleep as well as disorientation and dizziness.

In a spiritual manner Iolite is believed to unlock visions, enhance astral travel and assist with guided meditation.


Jet is known among healers as a highly protective, healing and grounding stone. Jet will clear just about anything, from your environment right down to your aura. It is also known to bring about positivity and happiness when it is most needed.


Kambaba Jasper is a gentle and soothing stone. It is said to have a way of balancing and aligning the mind, body and spirit and is particularly good at clearing brain fog and mental blocks. This type of Jasper is also believed to encourage one harness their inner strength and face new challenges head on with strength and confidence.


Lilac Kunzite is believed to be a highly spiritual stone, allowing one to tap into their abilities and to connect with their guides. Kunzite is also a great companion and strength to those who find themselves feeling lonely, especially after any kind of separation occurs.

Use Kunzite to calm tense feelings and ease work-related tensions or anxieties. Working with this stone will bring hope, empowerment, and strength to the spirit.


Nicknamed as the "Stone of the Aurora Borealis" due to its transcendent rainbow flashes, Labradorite brings about joy, inspiration, adventure and change. It is a stone of intuition, contemplation and wisdom, allowing you to leave fear behind and trust in the universe.
Physically, Labradorite can assist with respiratory issues, bronchitis and colds. It can also bring relief to rheumatism, lower blood pressure and help regulate the metabolism and digestive system.


Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of Truth. It promotes self awareness, self expression and self acceptance. Lapis Lazuli can open up qualities of compassion and honesty as well as unlock new ideas, wishes and dreams. Nicknamed the "feel good" stone, this crystal brings positivity to relationships and aids relaxation.
Along with diminishing repressed anger and disorganisation, Lapis Lazuli can assist with migraines, cramps, stiffness and vertigo. It can also aid with thyroid related issues.


Lava is said to be lucky, full of fire and magic, ruled by the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. It is believed to be good for encouragement and brings out motivation and vitality in those who struggle with lethargy.


Lemon Quartz is considered a happy stone, it promotes the good things in life and banishes negative vibes. It is believed to help with decision making, can reduce cravings and enables one to use their head as well as their heart. Lemon Quartz has a high, sunny energy and like Citrine is self cleansing. It can help bring good luck, joy and abundance.


Believed to originate from a place called Lemuria, now long undersea, Lemurian Seeds were planted for their history to live on. It is believed Lemurian crystals hold knowledge within their etchings. Lemurian Quartz is highly spiritual, it is a truth seeking stone and promotes divine transformation. Lemurian may also help with balance and disjointment, it is good for aligning our whole being.


Believed to be the ultimate mood stabilising stone due to containing natural Lithium, Lepidolite is an expert at reducing anxiety and is particularly useful for those who suffer with mood disorders.

Lepidolite encourages one look forward to new and exciting adventures in life. Lepidolite inspires confidence, self awareness and reduces social anxiety in a calming, comforting manner. Let this stone guide you toward true happiness.


Lithium Quartz is well known for its high vibration and energy.  It brings about the highest of harmony, relaxation and tranquility. Lithium Quartz is believed to ease depression and the symptoms of many mood imbalances. While it is a powerful healer, it is also extremely gentle and calming. Lithium Quartz may also assist those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.


Garden Quartz, also known as Lodolite or Landscape Quartz one of the ultimate healers of the crystal world. It is believed to balance all energies and is a great stone for spiritual and emotional healing. Garden Quartz is also known as a Dream Crystal, it can assist with meditation, bring on Spirit Guides and ease past life trauma.

Place Garden Quartz in the garden to attract nature related beings such as animals and spirits.


Malachite is a calming stone that provides emotional stability and endurance. This beautiful green stone is believed to help establish healthy relationships and ease pain brought on by childhood trauma. Malachite is particularly soothing for those who suffer from mood disorders.

Malachite is useful for understanding dreams and insomnia. It is believed this stone guides you to following your hearts desires.

Physically Malachite is believed to aid with swelling, immune system health, asthma, rheumatism and physical balance.


Mangano Calcite is said to be the sweetest and gentlest of all the Calcites. It is a great stone for bonding, especially for new mums and babies and is believed to help with premature birth and postnatal depression. Mangano Calcite can also help heal all kinds of trauma and abuse as it transmits universal healing energy to where is needed.
It is a wonderful crystal for those who work with children and for children themselves. This Calcite may also assist with separation anxiety.


Mookaite is a stone of dreaming, grounding and protection. It increases motivation and self esteem and is believed to lessen depression. Mookaite is an excellent stone to meditate with and is perfect for sparking new ideas and opening up creativity. It is easy to worry less about the future and reduce your stress levels with this stone about.


Moss Agate is a stone of abundance in all forms, however, it is considered especially prosperous when it comes to growth. Keep Moss Agate around the home, office and any plants that may need a little extra loving boost.

Moss Agate is also a stone of stability and harmony, helping those with hot tempers and erratic mood swings.
This form of Jasper is also believed to aid with bloating, water retention and weight loss as well as assist with thyroid dysfunction.


Muscovite can help with intuition, self doubt, insecurities, anger, nervousness and emotion. It is also a useful sleep aid, helping with insomnia and allowing for better sleep cycles. Muscovite is also believed to help when it comes to making big decisions and solving problems. This stone may also encourage better relationship connections.


Nephrite Jade is said to bring about feelings of zen, calmness and stillness making it a great stone to keep in the bedroom for a peaceful sleep. It is also a stone of stability, confidence and positivity. This type of Jade can be used to cleanse one's auric field and is believed to have protective vibes.


Ocean Jasper is a calming, gentle and empathetic stone. It encourages self love releases emotional blockages and eases pent up anger.
Ocean Jasper is also believed to remove toxins from the body, aid the digestive system, soothe motion sickness and assist those suffering with Thyroid difficulties.


Opalite helps with the expression of emotion and feelings. Overall it is a "feel good" stone with calming abilities. Physically, it is known relieve nausea and migraines. It is also good to have around during pregnancy as it assists with hormones and childbirth.

Iceland Spar

Filled with rainbows, Optical Calcite or Iceland Spar is helpful with opening doors of opportunity and attracting wealth to the home. It is believed to be good with helping eyesight, migraines and can double the healing effects of other crystals. It is fantastic at aiding with self forgiveness and eases pain from the past, allowing one to let go.Optical Calcite is known to assist with multi tasking and shift work.


Orange Calcite has naturally high cleansing vibrations. It is good for those wanting to start fresh by dispelling baggage and negativity. Orange Calcite can make it easier for you to come to terms with changes happening around you by soothing anxiety and increasing your motivation. Energised by the sun, it allows positivism to flow around you, encourages playfulness and sparks creativity.
Overall, Orange Calcite invokes inspiration, calms an overwhelmed spirit and helps one live life to the fullest.


Full of love, acceptance and feminine vibes, Peach Moonstone is a gentle stone full of soul healing support. It is a great companion for fertility and during pregnancy. Peach Moonstone can also help one stop over analysing and bring a holt to obsessive thought patterns that cause deep, dark spirals.

The Rainbow Stone

A stone of joy and positivity! Peacock Ore contains powerful vibes of happiness. Negative influences disappear when this stone is around. If you find yourself drawn to Peacock Ore chances are you are seeking inner peace and acceptance. Peacock Ore can help one's self esteem and open the pathways of communication, enabling the expression of feelings, thoughts and beliefs.


Petrified Wood is a stone all about change and transformation. It can help guide and lead you to your path in life as well as keep you on track and focused. Petrified Wood helps to ease fears and promotes feelings of safety and security.

It is also believed to be a stone of luck, bringing success and good fortune to business-related ventures.


Pink Opal is a wonderful stone for meditation and emotional healing. This Opal is believed to be one of the best for healing and balancing the Heart Chakra, especially for sensitive people and those who struggle with difficult or painful memories. Pink Opal is also believed to help ease feelings of anxiety, worry and nervousness.


Californian Pink Halite, aside from looking like a delicious, sugary, flaky strawberry dessert, this mineral is full of loving and purifying energy. It is believed to evaporate toxicity and cleanse all while lightening the mood and lifting oppression. Halite can also aid growth and supply nourishment including the spiritual kind. It is especially a friend for those going through any sort of heart trauma.


Pink Tourmaline is a great fertility stone as it is believed to assist with conception. It is also said that this type of Tourmaline may help with reducing panic attacks and phobias as well as bringing comfort and protection.


Polychrome Jasper is all about energy! This stone will help to keep you charged and revitalised while keeping you balanced and centered at the same time. Use Polychrome Jasper to help keep you stable and grounded when working on deepening your connection and alignment to the earth.


Poppy Jasper is first and foremost, a stone of joy and happiness. It is believed to balance out emotions, bring about courage and strength, ease stress and promote peace. Poppy Jasper will blast through negative energy, leaving only positive vibes!


Prasiolite is a powerful stone in both Spirituality and compassion. It is believed to enhance our connection to life, earth and Mother Nature. With its high vibrational energy, this stone promotes focus, self-confidence and growth. Prasiolite may also help enhance psychic abilities to those who are open to it.


Prehnite is a stone of love, dreaming and healing. It may help with reducing nightmares and fears. Prehnite can also help with feelings that are close to the heart by bringing about peace and easing stress. Prehnite is a great stone to keep close when change is happening as it can assist one with being prepared and soothe restlessness.


Dubbed as the most peace bringing of all the Fluorite family, Purple or Lavender Fluorite purifies the spirit and stimulates the mind. This stone also aids awareness and enhances positive thought patterns. Purple Fluorite is a powerful protector and it is said that its protection abilities only increase over time.
Purple Fluorite can help relinquish bad dreams, relieve stress, boost intuition and assist during guided meditation.


Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold is a powerful protection stone. Shielding one from manipulative and controlling people. Pyrite balances out power, generates wealth and boosts energy. It is useful for those who are accident prone, making them less clumsy.

Pyrite is believed to improve memory, help inflammation, digestion, anaemia and common colds and flus.

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