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Rainbow Banded Calcite encompasses all the best parts of Calcite and Aragonite in one stone. It harnesses feelings of love, peace, harmony, support, and strength. Rainbow Banded Calcite is a nurturing stone, use it to ease conflicted thoughts and uneasy feelings. This is a highly spiritual stone and an expert in releasing blockages and restoring balance to the mind, body, and soul.


Rainbow Fluorite is perfect for all over cleansing and aligning the chakras. It is particularly good for focusing the chaotic mind and opens up free thinking. It encourages self sufficiency and provokes one to seek their own happiness and needs rather than relying on others. Meditation with Rainbow Fluorite can help assist with new life pathways, releasing suppressed emotions and discovering truths about the relationships around you. It is also believe to help protect against psychic attacks.

Physically, Rainbow Fluorite aids in eye, ear, nose and throat wellness and is known for maintaining and protecting overall health through it's purifying abilities.


Deeply connected to the Earth, Rainbow Jasper is soothing and grounding. Rainbow Jasper is the perfect pocket companion, it provides courage and strength as well as wholeness and overall wellbeing.


Moonstone is an ancient stone and there is a lot that it can teach us. The rainbow variant calms the mind, clears the senses, supports lucid dreaming and promotes peaceful sleeping. It encourages one to connect with nature and the natural world, provides psychic protection and has the ability to ease trauma.
Moonstone is filled with feminine vibrations, it can help one realise their power and enable others to become more in tune with their emotions.

Moonstone is a great growth stone for children and teenagers and also helps them if suffering from homesickness, night terrors, sleepwalking and restless sleep. Moonstone is particularly helpful when it comes to the reproductive system by enhancing fertility, easing pregnancy sickness and balancing out hormones.


Rhyolite is known as the rejuvenation stone. It encourages yin/yang and meditation and aids one in overcoming past issues. This Jasper is believed to be an excellent healer when it comes to winter ailments such as colds, flu and chills. It can also promote an energy boost and increase stamina.


Rhodochrosite is a stone of balance and harmony. It is said to bring about courage and passion and can help ease emotional trauma and daily stresses. Physically Rhodochrosite may assist with tension headaches, asthma, blood pressure and heart problems.


Rhodonite is an excellent emotional healer. It dispels feelings of self hatred, resentment, self abuse and the wounds of the past. Ideal for those with sharp tongues, Rhodonite acts as a barrier when it comes to harsh, impulsive insults. This stone is believed to inspire empowerment, encourage forgiveness and let go of revenge.

Physically, Rhodonite can aid with autoimmune issues, Parkinson's disease, inflammation, tinnitus and lung conditions. It is also useful for recovering alcoholics.

(Quartz bonded with platinum)

Although not a "naturally" occurring colour, Rose Aura Quartz possesses potent healing energy and is a crystal of unconditional love. It uplifts one's mood to the highest of levels and brings about peace and harmony. Rose Aura Quartz is powerful at diffusing anger and allows emotional healing to take place.


Nurturing and compassionate, Rose Quartz is a feminine and motherly crystal that’s full of gentle, calming love. It is an excellent stone to have around during pregnancy and childbirth as it is believed to promote bonding. Placed in the bedroom and around the home, Rose Quartz can reignite love, trust and harmony in relationships.

Children who suffer from night terrors and/or are afraid of the dark can benefit from having some Rose Quartz placed by their bed. Rose Quartz is a powerful tool for healing our inner wounds, especially for those who may have missed out on love. Physically, Rose Quartz assists fertility, menstrual cycles, sex drive and a youthful complexion.


Ruby in Fuchsite is an energetic stone that is full of passion. It is believed to help one bounce back after emotional turmoil and stop any upset or tension that has come about. This pretty little stone can also assist those who internalise a lot of their thoughts and feelings, helping to let go and become emotionally free.


Where warmth meets cool, Ruby in Kyanite is a stone of complete healing and particularly therapeutic for those who struggle with mood imbalances. This stone is also believed to help with managing attachments, allowing clear boundaries to form and promote independence.

Ruby in Kyanite takes on protective qualities when used in unfamiliar social environments and draining workplace culture. It is also a companion and guardian for those who work away from home for long bouts at a time.


A pairing that is full of vibrant energy and happiness. Ruby in Zoisite encourages one to let go and allow the Heart Chakra to open up and heal. Use this stone to help lift the heavy weight of depression or grief and for a boost of vitality during dark times. Ruby in Zoisite is also a wonderful for stone for balancing sexuality and strengthening the immune system.


Rutile Quartz is believed to energise and illuminate the soul, it may also help one let go of past baggage and heartache by encouraging forgiveness and promoting freedom. Rutile Quartz can also be used as a pick me up for low mood days.


Peach Selenite is similar to its white counterpart in many ways however possesses strong elements of forgiveness and compassion. Useful for lifting self-worth, aiding fertility, encouraging creativity and strengthing socialisation skills.


Inspired by the Goddess of the moon, Selenite promotes purity, honesty and longevity. Selenite brings deep peace to the spirit and home and can be used to invoke good luck and protection. It is a great option for any spiritual work such as Reiki and meditation. Selenite can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals around it.

Physically, Selenite may assist with fertility/menstrual cycles and skin health for those that suffer with eczema, acne and sensitivity. It is also believed to unblock stagnant energies and balance out sex drive.


Septarian is an ancient stone that will allow you to find your inner peace and zen. It is believed to have different effects on each person who uses it, providing us with whatever support we may need at the time. Septarian is believed to also encourage a sense of privacy and space, especially when it comes to taking a step back from things that consume us - ie social media, toxic relationships.


Serpentine is a powerful, lively stone that inspires confidence and eliminates negative energies. Serpentine is believed to evoke spontaneity and adventure and gives one a boost to go after their dreams. This stone is also good for igniting empathy and intuition as well as ease anxiety and nervousness.


Shungite is believed to be one of the most powerful healing minerals in the world. Shungite has been around for two billion years and comes from Karelia in Russia. It is well documented that Shungite purifies water and has conductive properties. It can reduce EMF and electromagnetic frequencies.

Shungite is also believed to be a protective stone, cleansing the soul from negativity as well as reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia. Use this carbon filled mineral to release yourself from grudges and allow it to bring you back down to Earth.


Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone. It's believed to encourage tolerance and resolution during difficult times and assist with shifting feelings of stress, fear, resentment and anger. Smoky Quartz helps one move forward and is particularly useful at expelling negativity in all forms. This includes assistance in alleviating depressive emotions and thoughts, allowing one to see light instead of dark.

Physically, Smoky Quartz can help relieve chronic pain such as migraines, tension headaches, back pain, shoulder pain and muscle cramps. It is said to benefit ailments to the lower half of the body - hips, legs and reproductive area and assist with radiation damage such as sunburn and chemotherapy.


Snow Quartz is the crystal of the snow and the moon. It is often called the female version of Clear Quartz. Snow Quartz is known for being good for calcium absorption. It supports bones, bone marrow, teeth and can help with dislocations. Emotionally, this stone assists with family troubles and can help repair rifts within relationships.

Place Snow Quartz in your car to help protect against winter related hazards.


Full of balance and togetherness, Snowflake Obsidian is the optimal stone to keep around during stressful periods. Allow this stone to help ground you while reducing negative outside influences around you. Snowflake Obsidian may also assist during meditative work by creating a deep sense of calm and releasing energetic blockages.


Soapstone has an overall upbeat, positive energy and is believed to encourage creativity, promote truth and kindness, as well as act as a friend and source of support during times of change. It is also said to help promote gradual and effective assistance when it comes to breaking out of old or bad habits.


Sodalite, like all blue stones, has a calming vibration. It helps with mental health (especially those who are prone to anxiety), confusion, self esteem, fear of
inadequacy and hypersensitivity. This stone specialises in eliminating guilt and strengthening self discipline.

Physically, Sodalite can ease a racing heart, inflammation and the symptoms of menopause. It is also believed to assist with reducing aggression and hormone related outbursts.


Spirit Quartz brings about a sense of productivity and community. It is believed to help mellow confrontational and self centered behaviours as well as bring people together. It is also a highly cleansing stone, good for clearing negative energies. Spirit Quartz is a well known fertility aid of the crystal world. It can help with conception as well as ease issues concerning with both male and female reproductive organs.


Stilbite is all about love and feeling. It will gently encourage you to reflect inward to help start the healing process from inside out. Stilbite is also a calming stone and can be used during mediation and spiritual work to expand the consciousness and open the doors to new realms. 


Strawberry Himalayan Quartz is believed to bring about balance, universal love and generosity. It is a useful meditation crystal and allows one to gain personal insight, access hidden knowledge and expand spiritual growth. It is also said to attract soul mates.


Sulfur is full of energising, creative and inspiring energy. Sulphur is known as a potent mood enhancer and can dissipate all surrounding negative vibrations. It is also a calming stone especially for those who are prone to outbursts or have short fuses.


Sunstone is an excellent stone for those who have trouble saying "no."  It inspires confidence, energy and leadership. It can help alleviate fears and phobias, as well as remove co-dependency and the control of possessive people.
Sunstone brings out creativity and sexuality and its masculine energy is particularly good for boosting sex drive.
Physically, Sunstone can also help with metabolic and digestive issues. Mentally, it can help lift the symptoms of depression, seasonal affective disorder and ease nightmares.


Tektites are believed to form at impact sites caused by meteors hitting the earth's surface. Metaphysically, Tektites are teachers, they open up doors to the spiritual world and aid in physic communication and advancements. Use Tektite to raise your vibration and strengthen your aura. This mineral may also assist with unblocking the lower chakras and provide grounding and protection. 


Tiger's Eye is a powerful stabilising stone. Known for balancing out emotional extremes, Tiger's eye calms scattered thoughts and brings about reasoning. It is believed to be the ideal stone for someone who hasn't found their place or calling just yet by encouraging optimism and purposefulness. Tiger's Eye can diffuse jealousy and assist in resolving internal battles especially those that surround the past.

Tiger's Eye can support addictive personalities, fertility issues, endocrine disorders, nightmares, asthma attacks, seasonal affective disorder and depression.


This is a very powerful crystal incorporating both yin and yang, male and female, darkness and light. Its integrating energies will benefit anyone who needs to restore harmony in their life. It is believed to improve blocked arteries and assists with reducing self sabotage.

Wear this stone to help protect you in an unfamiliar work environment.


Tree or Dendritic Agate with its soft, calming patterns, is a peace bringing stone. It can help release blocked energy and emotions. This Agate is believed to specialise in easing trauma surrounding childhood or separation and also may bring estranged loved ones back together.


Unakite is a gentle healer, it helps release pent up anger and is a comfort to those going through addiction withdrawal. Unakite is believed to help one be in the present moment and stay grounded in reality if they have the tendency to lose their head in the clouds.

One of biggest strengths of this crystal is said to be in situations related to pregnancy and labour. It promotes a bond between mother and baby and can help ease the birthing process, in particular the transitional stages of labour.

(Quartz bonded with magnesium and platinum)

Although not a "naturally" occurring colour, Violet Aura Quartz possesses potent healing energy. It brings about influence that begins the cycle of rejuvenation and life. Violet is one of the most powerful of the aura colours, inspiring awe, mystery and magic. This quartz can also aid in understanding one's dreams and bring back the spark in relationships.


White Moonstone harnesses the energy of the new moon, promotes psychic perception and vision. It is said to magnify one's emotions. White Moonstone can help drive away nightmares in children and also bring balance to emotions for all.


Like most yellow stones, Yellow Opal brings out joy and happiness. Full of positivity, this Opal can help revitalise and energise the mind, soul and body.
Physically Yellow Opal may assist those suffering from Chronic Exhaustion, infections, appetite and memory issues. It is also said to be a great aid for women during labour and birth.

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