Amplification Spell Jars

These vials have been thoughtfully created to help assist with Sweet Dreams, Love, and Good Vibes. The magickal properties of the herbs within the jars are powerfully amplified by the Clear Quartz Points, making the intention within them go further and the magick be felt more powerfully.

You can use these jars within your spellwork and rituals or simply carry with you to keep beside you in times of need.

Ie: if you were wanting to have a bath to help promote self-love, you could keep the love jar by your tub, light some pink and white candles, pop some Rose Quartz into the bath along with rose petals. There are no rules when it comes to magick, these jars are simply tools to help you along the way.

Please select your preferred intention from the drop-down menu.

Please note, the contents may vary slightly due to being filled by hand. These jars are intended for magickal purposes only, do not consume.