Anandalite + Apophyllite + Calcite Cluster

Apophyllite is the number one crystal for intuition. It enhances the senses and sharpens the mind by sending out signals you can trust. It is a very useful stone for spiritual work and meditation and is believed to bring us closer to our Spirit Guides.

When placed in a room, Apophyllite is known to diffuse the negative energy within and reduce stressful environments. It can also help with lethargy by sparking enthusiasm and excitement. Plan your future confidently when this stone is around and learn to live life to the fullest.

Anandalite is a high vibrational crystal apart of the Quartz family. Anandalite is considered one of the ultimate healers of the crystal world and is often used to reach a state of bliss and tranquility. Anandalite brings about a calmness that is unmatched by any other crystal, the true healer of the heart.

Calcite is helpful with opening doors of opportunity and attracting wealth to the home. It is believed to be good with helping eyesight, migraines and can double the healing effects of other crystals. It is fantastic at aiding with self forgiveness and eases pain from the past, allowing one to let go.Optical Calcite is known to assist with multi tasking and shift work.

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