Black Tourmaline in Quartz Tumbled Stone

Clear Quartz is a master healer and can be used for about anything and everything. It enhances the energy of other stones around it so is a must-have in any crystal collection. Known for harnessing positive energy, this crystal also increases awareness, supports memory retention, patience, perseverance, and clarity. Clear Quartz is believed to assist in dream recall and aid in understanding one's dreams. Maybe most importantly, Clear Quartz can inspire one to open up and fall back in love with life.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone, it has an electric energy that can assist with many things. It is particularly helpful for easing anxiety, phobias, feelings of worthlessness, paranoia and obsessive behaviours.

Physically, Black Tourmaline can bring pain relief to scar tissue, muscle tears, numbness, colon issues and spinal pain as well as strengthen a weakened immune system. It is believed to improve hand/eye coordination which may help those with dyslexia. Black Tourmaline is also useful for cleansing heavy metal toxins from both within and outside of the body.

Size guide
2cm - 3cm