Botanical Faerie Wands

Magick Wands! Perfect for little (or big) witches and wizards!
These unique handmade faerie wands have been crafted out of dried Rosemary branches. These wands also include a crystal, dried flowers/foliage, recycled sari silks and a charm.

Wands measure approx. 18cm - 22cm

PLEASE NOTE: Wands are intuitively selected, pictured is a guide of what you can expect to receive. Slight variations may occur.

Care guide
To maximise the longevity and colour of this creation, please handle with care and keep out of damp areas, windy conditions, and direct sunlight.

Please note, some "imperfections" or "flaws" may be present, this is due to the nature of the materials, this piece is rustic and made with love.

Please note, this item ONLY SHIPS WITHIN AUSTRALIA due to the nature of the materials. Apologies for any inconvenience this may present. Any items ordered with this piece will be shipped at the same time. If necessary items may be shipped in separate boxes.