Copal Specimen

(this specimen includes insects)

Introducing Copal! Copal is a resin made up of plant matter, it is also known as Young Amber as it is in a transitional stage and not yet a completely fossilised resin.  Copal is considered to be anywhere between 250 years - 1 million years old and often pieces can contain preserved insects like ants, mosquitoes, and flies as well as plant life such as sticks and leaves. These pieces are highly sought after and special - forever capturing a moment frozen in time!

Metaphysically, Copal is believed to be deeply connected to the Earth and Sun's Energy, making it a powerful healing and grounding tool, that encourages growth and abundance. It works in a gentle, positive manner and is an expert at cleansing and clearing out any low vibrations and spiritual blockages. 

Size guide
6.5cm x 2cm