'CORE' Tumbled Stone Pack

1) Nurturing and compassionate, Rose Quartz is a feminine and motherly crystal that’s full of gentle, calming love. It is an excellent stone to have around during pregnancy and child birth as it is believed to promote bonding. Placed in the bedroom and around the home, Rose Quartz can reignite love, trust and harmony in relationships.

2) Amazonite is a calming stone. It helps soothe stress and nervousness. It is known for balancing out anger, calming irrationality and eases troubled thoughts. It can assist in blocking negative influences, increase self esteem and self care. It is good for the heart and establishing healthy relationships. Amazonite can also encourage creativity and provide balance in both work and home environments.

3) Citrine is a stone of abundance and good fortune. It attracts prosperity, success and generosity, particularly in a financial light. Citrine is also a stone of love and happiness. It helps bring harmony and cohesion to relationships and acts as a protector against jealousy and heartache.

4) Clear Quartz is a master healer and can be used for about anything and everything. It enhances the energy of other stones around it so is a must-have in any crystal collection. Known for harnessing positive energy, this crystal also increases awareness, supports memory retention, patience, perseverance and clarity.

5) Amethyst helps lift the spirit and boosts self esteem while calming anxiety, grief, tension and over emotional energies. Amethyst is a universal crystal, an all healer, it helps amplify the energy of other crystals around it. It is great for protection and can help reduce nightmares and insomnia.

6) Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone. It's believed to encourage tolerance and resolution during difficult times and assist with shifting feelings of stress, fear, resentment and anger. Smoky Quartz helps one move forward and is particularly useful at expelling negativity in all forms.

7) Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone, it has an electric energy that can assist with many things. It is particularly helpful for easing anxiety. It provides a positive attitude to difficult situations and can relive stress and tension brought on by every day life.

Each pack comes with a gift bag and contents card. Please note, tumbled stones vary slightly in shape, size and colour. Pictured is an example only.