'PEACE' Tumbled Stone Pack

1) Howlite is a calming stone, known for reducing stress and anxiety, it is also helpful for children who have sleep troubles, providing them with soothing comfort. It can promote thoughtfulness and consideration by reducing anger and selfishness.

2) Lepidolite encourages one look forward to new and exciting adventures in life. Lepidolite inspires confidence, self awareness and reduces social anxiety in a calming, comforting manner. Let this stone guide you toward true happiness.

3) Blue Calcite is believed to ease anxiety and nervousness. This stone creates awareness of when you are pushing yourself too far and encourages rest and relaxation. 

4) Grey Botswana Agate is a healer of the down and out. It is believed to encourage one to seek treatment for illnesses, it is a great comfort to those who are grieving and it is a companion for those who suffer from bouts of depression.

5) Chevron Amethyst or Dream Amethyst is full of harmonising energy. It is useful for balancing out extreme emotions and is a wonderful and powerful crystal for enhancing psychic abilities. Chevron Amethyst also has protective energy, helps with detoxing, ease headaches, tension, and blockages.

Each pack comes with a gift bag and contents card. Please note, tumbled stones vary slightly in shape, size and colour. Pictured is an example only.