Ritual Oils

These ritual oils have been lovingly crafted and magickally blended exclusively for Sourced from the Stars.

Please ensure to select your intention preference from the drop-down menu.

Self Love - Can be used to promote self love, self worth and/or to attract love to oneself.

Ascension - Prosperity, luck, good health, love and happiness.

- A protection oil to ward off bad energy, grounding tool in spell and ritual work. Can be used during shadow work.

1. Dress candles for candle magick
- can help powders and loose herbs to stick to the candle.

2. Anoint and/or consecrate objects and tools.
3. Can be left in a small dish as an offering to a deity.
4. Can be added to mojo/charm bags to amplify intent.
5. Can be worn on the skin (although oils are not therapeutically intended), on clothing, or a drop can be added to a lava bead or into the bath.

Each oil will come in a 5ml clear glass bottle with easy to use dropper cap.
Each oil contains sweet almond oil, floral and herbal matter, crystal inclusions, and other natural ingredients. These oils do not contain any toxic ingredients or synthetic preservatives.

If you are using oils on your skin, it is recommended you conduct a patch test first. Do not ingest.

To see a full list of ingredients, please feel free to email us :)