'SPIRIT' Tumbled Stone Pack

1) Tektites are believed to form at impact sites caused by meteors hitting the earth's surface. Metaphysically, Tektites are teachers, they open up doors to the spiritual world and aid in physic communication and advancements. Use Tektite to raise your vibration and strengthen your aura. This mineral may also assist with unblocking the lower chakras and provide grounding and protection.

2) Rutile Quartz is believed to energise and illuminate the soul, it may also help one let go of past baggage and heartache by encouraging forgiveness and promoting freedom. Rutile Quartz can also be used as a pick me up for low mood days.

3) A pairing that is full of vibrant energy and happiness. Ruby in Zoisite encourages one to let go and allow the Heart Chakra to open up and heal. Use this stone to help lift the heavy weight of depression or grief and for a boost of vitality during dark times.

4) Fluorite is a perfect stone for all-over cleansing and aligning the chakras. Meditation with Rainbow Fluorite can help assist with new life pathways, releasing suppressed emotions and discovering truths about the relationships around you. It is also believed to help protect against psychic attacks.

5) Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of Truth. It promotes self awareness, self expression and self acceptance. Lapis Lazuli can open up qualities of compassion and honesty as well as unlock new ideas, wishes and dreams.

6) Nephrite Jade is said to bring about feelings of zen, calmness and stillness making it a great stone to keep in the bedroom for a peaceful sleep. It is also a stone of stability, confidence and positivity. This type of Jade can be used to cleanse one's auric field and is believed to have protective vibes.

Each pack comes with a gift bag and contents card. Please note, tumbled stones vary slightly in shape, size and colour. Pictured is an example only.