Loose Botanical Incense Blends

These loose botanical incense blends have been a long time in the making and include carefully selected herbs, flowers, resins and spices.

Helps to promote protection, safe energy, and security around you and your home.

Helps to create feelings of love, passion, and joy around you and your home.

Helps to bring about a sense of serenity to the home and positively lifts the vibration around you.

To use, simply place a small pinch of the mixture onto a heated charcoal disc. Allow the smoke to cleanse each part of your home.

More detailed instructions will be included in your order. You can also use these blends for spellwork, rituals, bath time soaks, and more. 
As you only need a small amount each time for its intended purpose, each jar should include up to 20+ uses.

Always e
nsure that you are using a heatproof dish and never leave burning incense unattended. Please be sure to extinguish fully after use. Please do not ingest and always take precautions when using this product. Please be mindful of what herbs you come into contact with when pregnant. Always seek medical advice if you're unsure.