The Heart Healer Pack

This pack has been carefully selected to include stones that can help with healing emotional heartache and restore balance. The Selenite disc included will help keep your crystals cleansed and charged.

Insight into this pack

Rainbow Fluorite - helps unblock and release suppressed feelings and emotions
Rhodonite - dispels feelings of self-hatred, encourages self-love
Pink Chalcedony - helps heal past wounds, encourages growth
Pink Botswana Agate - a gentle companion and supporter for one going through the healing process
Azurite/Malachite - releases negative energy
Blue Chalcedony - encourages self-reflection, promotes balance and inner peace
Selenite - cleanses your auric field

You will receive a Rainbow Fluorite Heart, the 5 tumbles mentioned above + a Selenite disc or bar to place them on.