Tillandsia Air Plant on Brazilian Amethyst Cluster

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Tillandsia - Ionantha 'Mexico’

Tillandsia Air Plants enjoy bright, indirect sunlight, preferably indoors to protect from frost but can do well outdoors if undercover and in part shade. In the hotter months, please water your air plant every couple of days. During the cooler months, watering can be once per week. Watering can be done via a mister (spray bottle) or by dunking the air plant upside down into water for a few minutes. Allow the plant to dry out completely between waters to avoid rot. Both Amethyst and Clear Quartz are water tolerant so your crystal will not be affected by this process, if anything, it will benefit from the regular cleansing the water will provide.

Please note, your air plant is attached via a special adhesive, care should be taken when handling to give your plant the best chance at survival. This plant is not toxic to animals but should be kept out of reach for longevity purposes.

To encourage growth you can fertilise your air plant once per fortnight in the warmer months and once per month in the cooler parts of the year.

Amethyst is a universal crystal, an all healer, it helps amplify the energy of other crystals around it. It is great for protection and can help reduce nightmares and insomnia if kept under a pillow or by the bed. Amethyst can also assist with homesickness, mental, emotional and physical balance, decision making, and negotiation. Amethyst helps lift the spirit and boosts self-esteem while calming anxiety, grief, tension, and over-emotional energies.

Size guide
19cm x 9cm