'HARMONY' Tumbled Stone Pack

1 )  Tiger's Eye is a powerful stabilising stone. Known for balancing out emotional extremes, Tiger's eye calms scattered thoughts and brings about reasoning. It is believed to be the ideal stone for someone who hasn't found their place or calling just yet by encouraging optimism and purposefulness.

2) Azurite and Malachite are commonly found with one another and together are an energetically powerful combination.

 is useful for detoxification and releasing negative energy. It is believed to be an aid for those who may need assistance with gaining and maintaining independence. Malachite is a calming stone that provides emotional stability and endurance. This beautiful green stone is believed to help establish healthy relationships and ease pain brought on by childhood trauma

Where warmth meets cool, Ruby in Kyanite is a stone of complete healing and particularly therapeutic for those who struggle with mood imbalances. This stone is also believed to help with managing attachments, allowing clear boundaries to form and promote independence.

4) Crackled Clear Quartz can inspire one to open up and fall back in love with life. Crackled Quartz includes lots of rainbows form, making it a joyful and happy stone to have in your collection.

5) Ametrine is a naturally occurring crystal that encompasses both Amethyst and Citrine. This powerful combination embodies the best of both stones, amplifying their qualities. Benefits include a boost in creativity, spiritual and mental clarity, inner peace, harmony and focus enhancement.

Each pack comes with a gift bag and contents card. Please note, tumbled stones vary slightly in shape, size and colour. Pictured is an example only.