'EARTH' Tumbled Stone Pack

1) Snowflake Obsidian Full of balance and togetherness, Snowflake Obsidian is the optimal stone to keep around during stressful periods. Allow this stone to help ground you while reducing negative outside influences around you. Snowflake Obsidian may also assist during meditative work by creating a deep sense of calm and releasing energetic blockages.

2) Mookaite is a stone of dreaming, grounding and protection. It increases motivation and self esteem and is believed to lessen depression. Mookaite is an excellent stone to meditate with and is perfect for sparking new ideas and opening up creativity. It is easy to worry less about the future and reduce your stress levels with this stone about.

3) Ocean Jasper is a calming, gentle and empathetic stone. It encourages self love, releases emotional blockages and eases pent up anger. 

4) Moss Agate is a stone of abundance in all forms, however, it is considered especially prosperous when it comes to growth. Keep Moss Agate around the home, office and any plants that may need a little extra loving boost.

5) Dragons Stone is an energetically powerful stone. It is believed to intensify other stones it is near and increase their healing properties. Dragons Stone may reduce impatience, sadness and closed mindedness.

Each pack comes with a gift bag and contents card. Please note, tumbled stones vary slightly in shape, size and colour. Pictured is an example only.